Thermal Insulated Bags & Thermal Carton Liners

Thermal Insulated Bags & Thermal Carton Liners

Thermal Insulated Bags and Carton Liners in Australia

Cold Chain Packaging and Shipping Solution

Thermal Insulated Bags and Thermal Insulated Carton Liners are a lightweight, flexible, 100% recyclable and cost-effective insulation liner which maintain the packing temperatures and protect your perishables and other valuable products from temperature fluctuations during transit.

The Thermal Insulated Foil Bags and Thermal Insulated Box Liners consist of a metalized outer film that provide high efficiency thermal protection and acts as a radiant heat barrier while the inner bubble layer acts as an insulated air barrier.

The Thermal Insulated Bags and Thermal Carton Liners are beneficial in reducing heat transfer and conductivity while adding cushioned protection for your perishables and other temperature sensitive products during packaging and shipping.

Thermal Carton Liners Ideal For Packaging and shipping of:

  • Ready made meals.
  • Meats and seafood.
  • Cheese and dairy.
  • Foods, fruit and vegetables.
  • Chocolates and confectionary.
  • Vaccines, medicines and serums.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Other temperature sensitive products.
Thermal Insulated Bags and Liners for food
Recyclable thermal insulated foil bags for shipping food or pharmaceuticals

Advantages - Thermal Insulated Bags and Thermal Insulated Carton Liners

  • Lightweight.
  • 100 % recyclable. Place in RedCycle bins located at all major supermarkets across Australia. Visit for more information.
  • Re-usable.
  • Economical and cost effective.
  • Re-usable and cost effective.
  • Excellent insulation properties.
  • High efficiency thermal protection.

Easy to use:

Open Thermal Liner
Place hands inside Thermal Insulated Liner. Gently push out to the sides and into the corners of the carton.

Fold Corners
Fold the bottom corners up and towards each other. This will give your Thermal Carton Box Liner a flat bottom ensuring it fits snug into its carton.

Place thermal liner into carton
Push the Thermal Liner into the carton corners which ensures maximum packing room and no wasted space.

Pack and add frozen ice packs
You are now ready to pack your carton. Also use Thermal Ice Gel Ice Packs or IcePak Wraps (Dry Ice Packs) to achieve the cold temperature required.

Easy to Use thermal insulated bags and carton liners
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Thermal Insulated Bags with Flap and Tape – Loose in Carton

Size (mm)Bags Per CartonProduct Code
480mm (OPENING) x 280mm + 90 mm FLAP + TAPE
(suits approx. carton size 310mm x 210mm x 100mm)

Thermal Insulated Carton Liners – Perforated on a Roll

Size (mm)Liners Per RollProduct Code
650mm (OPENING) x 625mm (DEPTH)
(suits approx. carton size 385mm x290mm x 260mm)
75 x 2 Rolls (150 units total)TL650X625
750mm (OPENING) x 585mm + 100mm (DEPTH) FLAP + TAPE
(suits approx. carton size 440mm x 220mm x 200mm)
75 x 2 Rolls (150 units total)TL750x585+100FT
  • Above Thermal Insulated Bags and Thermal Insulated Carton Liners are standard sizes.
  • Have a different carton size ? Custom sizing is available. Please contact us with your carton dimensions and we will endeavour to assist you.
  • Minimum order quantities apply for all custom sizing insulated carton liners.

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