Thermal Ice Reusable Hot / Cold Gel Packs

Hot or Cold Applications

Thermal Ice Re-usable Hot / Cold Gel Packs are a superior, durable, long lasting gel pack that remain hot when heated or cold when frozen.

Beneficial for keeping your perishable foods and drinks hot or cold and are non-toxic and food safe. The Thermal Ice Re-usable Hot / Cold Gel Packs are manufactured in seven different sizes to suit customer's requirements.

Tri Fold range of Thermal Ice Gel Packs, AT003, AT005 & AT007 contain 3 cells per pack which makes them more flexible, easy to store in the freezer and ideal for wrapping around items.

Simple to use


Heat the Thermal Ice Re-usable Hot / Cold Gel Pack in the microwave as per the instructions that appear on the individual pack.


Place the Thermal Ice Re-usable Hot / Cold Gel Packs in the Freezer overnight before use.

Ideal For

  • Coolers, eskies and lunch boxes.
  • Camping, fishing, boating.
  • Picnics, parties.
  • Long trips.
  • Muscle tension relief.
  • Sports injuries.
  • Transportation of perishables.
  • Keeping food / drinks cold or warm.
  • Hot water bottles.
  • Cooling down fevers.
  • Hot / Cold therapy for first aid.


  • Lasts 3 times longer than ice and stays hot for hours.
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Available in seven different sizes.
  • High quality and strong seals.
  • Re-usable and cost effective.
  • High performance freezing capabilities.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Australian made.
  • Ideal for first aid.
  • Hot / Cold therapy for first Aid
Product CodeDescriptionApprox. Weight (Grams)Dimensions (L x W) (mm)Carton Qty. (Units)
AT001Tri Mini250 GR180 x 14524
AT002Mini250 GR160 x 12024
AT003Tri Midi800 GR380 x 24010
AT004Midi800 GR240 x 20010
AT005Tri Large1200 GR470 x 27010
AT006Large1400 GR280 x 20012
AT007Super Large1800 GR620 x 33010

Australia’s # 1 Brand of Reusable Hot / Cold Gel Packs.
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