Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Packs

  • “THERMAL ICE” REUSABLE HOT/COLD GEL PACKS come in a variety of 7 different sizes to suit consumer’s needs. The Packs contain a Super Absorbent Polymer which is Non-Toxic and are reusable for many times.
  • For cold usage, simply store the pack in a freezer overnight before application.
  • For hot usage, simply warm the pack in the microwave for 1-2 minutes (as per instructions on the pack).
  • The Gel Packs last THREE times longer than ICE and stay HOT for hours.
  • Our AT003, AT005 and AT007 ranges of “Thermal Ice” come in tri-fold seals thus making the packs more flexible and ideal for wrapping the pack around items.
  • “Thermal Ice” Gel Packs are ideal for camping, fishing, boating, picnics, parties, long trips, muscle tension relief, lunches, sports injuries, transportation of perishables, eskies/coolers, keeping food cold or warm, hot water bottles, cooling down fevers, first aid kits, hot/cold therapy and many other uses.

Thermal Ice Gel Pack Range