Instant Cold Packs / Instant Ice Packs

  • “THERMAL ICE” INSTANT COLD PACKS provide instant COLD therapy by simply squeezing or thumping the pack to activate it to the specified cold temperature.
  • Single use only 150mm x 200mm pack and the contents of the pack weigh approximately 300 grams. This enables the “Thermal Ice” Instant Cold Pack to perform well better and last longer compared to other similar competitor type products on the market which weigh well less this amount. This was achieved due to extensive research and development.
  • Environmentally friendly Urea based formula.
  • Easily Activated, Non-Toxic and Disposable thus ideal for infection control purposes.
  • Pack can remain cold for up to 30 minutes.
  • “Thermal Ice” Instant Cold Packs are approved under the Therapeutic Goods Administration Authority (TGA).
  • Beneficial for Medical / First Aid, Sports Injuries, Bruising & Swelling, Minor Burns, Arthritic Pain, Headaches, Fever, Toothaches, Muscular Aches & Sprains, Insect Bites etc.
  • Ideal for Hospitals, Physiotherapy & Chiropractor Suppliers, Pharmaceutical, First Aid, Sporting Clubs, Camping & Outdoor activities etc.
  • The Instant Cold Packs are sold in carton quantities. Each carton consists of 40 units (4 inner boxes x 10 units each).