IcePak Wraps (Soak in Water Dry Ice Pack Sheets)

  • “IcePak Wraps” commonly known as Hydratable Dry Ice Packs is a flexible sheet made up of individual cells that contain a Non-Toxic Super Absorbent Polymer, which when soaked in water for approximately 5 minutes absorbs the water and hydrates. The sheets are then simply frozen and applied to your valuable perishables and other products to help maintain freshness and a cold temperature level during packaging, transportation and storage.
  • Used as a replacement for ice for periods up to 2 days and they are also an ideal and cost effective alternative to Gel Ice Packs.
  • Ideal for packaging and transporting fresh and live seafood, fresh meat, medical samples, serum, vaccines, fruit & vegetables, flowers and other products. The Dry Ice Packs can also be used for maintaining food and drinks cold in eskies and coolers and are very beneficial in providing cold therapy for first aid injuries.
  • The “IcePak Wraps” have seals between the cells which allows the entire sheet to be wrapped around your products for maximum cooling. They do not leak and are reusable if maintained properly.
  • Superior in performance and large 65mm x 55mm cell size and are available in 2 ply layer (plastic film on the front and non-woven material on the back) AND 3 ply layer (plastic film on the front, non-woven material in the middle and another extra plastic film on the back).
  • Various sizes are available and the dry ice pack sheets are cut / perforated into various sizes to meet customer’s packaging requirements ie. 6×4, 6×2, 2×4, 3×2 cell sheet sizes.
  • The Dry Ice Packs are dispatched dry (unhydrated) and are ideal in minimising transportation costs and storage space.
  • Non-Toxic and National Food Authority compliant for use with foods.
IcePak Wraps for shipping food
IcePak Wraps Carton
IcePak Wraps for shipping seafood

In Dry State
After soaked in water and frozen


IcePak Wraps (Dry Ice Packs) Product Codes