Absorbent Seafood and Meat Pads (Absorbtion Pads)

  • ABSORBENT PADS are commonly used in the packaging of live or fresh seafood or meat products in the domestic or export transportation and storage processes.
  • They are used to remove and eliminate unwanted liquids from packaging.
  • Contains a Super Absorbent Non-Toxic Powder which absorbs and retains unwanted liquids into a gel within the pad and keeps them away from the contents, thus keeping the contents fresh and appealing and completely free from unsightly excess moisture.
  • Commonly used in polystyrene or cardboard boxes for seafood or meat packaging.
  • Absorbent Pads come in a variety of different sizes, the most common size is the 250mm x 250mm size which absorbs approximately 1.25 litres of fresh water or 250ml of salt water. Should you require different sizes for your packaging requirements, we can gladly arrange this for you.


Absorbent Pad